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X [12 Jun 2002|03:47am]
[ mood | tired ]

eep. gosh i really ned to start writing more. i have been busy with a lot of things. i cant wait 'til this weekend, tori, candi, and mandi are sopposed to be coming. i'm not sure yet. tori is so cool, i have been friends with her ever since i was in 1st grade. i went to hollywood connection with her last weekend. it kinda sucked though :/ well when she comes here i dont know what we would do, probably swim. any ways...black hawk down comes out today, my mom bought it for me. i havent wathed it yet though. i cant move around that much being that i almost broke my ankle yesterday. i was walking up the stairs and since i have weak ankles, i just like fell. lol i am such a clutz. so yeah my ankle has a brace on it and its all swollen and bruised.

when i always go down to columbus, i never reealized, but the community i live in is really sheltered compared to there. its creepy because no matter who you are if you walk into a place guys are like checking you out. scary... but i still love that place. since it used to be my home a few years ago.

in 2005, me and anna are gonna take a road trip to cali to see the III star wars in that chinese movie theater in hollywood. its gonna be great. lol

im not friends with a certain some one any more... i dont know what happened to her, it seemed like she changed a whole lot. i didnt know if i wanted to be friends with some one like that.

today i went out with molly. shes real cool. i couldnt really do any thing because my ankle but we went to the movies to see the sum of all fears. it was a good movie, but some of the time it was boring. i dont know thats just me. this friday im going to see scooby doo!!!

umm.. oh yeah i rearrnaged my room yesterday woo hoo. every thing looks a lot better. i knew i would have to do that sooner or later because my whole family is coming here july 26. and then next friday i am going to florida with my aunt and cousin. its gonne be great. i havent been to that part of florida in about 3 years.

ok i think thats it...

i <3 hayden

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[01 Jun 2002|12:39pm]

Lord of the Rings
  Here you can see how much you REALLY know about the whole Lord of the Rings Trilogy and more... Each of the questions are different amounts of points. Easy questions are 1 point, intermediate are 2 points, and advanced are 3 points. Have fun and **GOOD LUCK!**  

First name: Last name:


  Thanks for taking the quiz! **remember lord of the rings comes out aug. 6!**  




Copyright © Anni MacCauley. Created and managed with SmartLite WebQuiz.


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[21 May 2002|07:09pm]

Take the Which Star Wars Character are you mostly likely to get it on with? quiz, by ProtocolDroid.

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[19 May 2002|11:11am]

Are You The 50's? 60's? 70's? 80's? or 90's? See Waht Time Era You Are!b>

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Star Wars (again lol) [17 May 2002|10:54pm]
did any one else realize Anakin was always loking down Padme's shirt? me and my friend saw that through the whole movie. lol i dont know how i saw that.. i guess i was just looking at his eyes ...aww he is so cute!!!

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Star Wars!!! [17 May 2002|01:17pm]
OMG! i saw Star wars yesterday night!!! it was so awesome. it had every thing you could want in a movie. i cant wait til 2006 to see the next one. it kinda just left off in the middle of the war. it ends with Anakin and Padme getting married. SO SWEET! that was a most excellent movie. but the question is.. is it better than Lord of the Rings? to tell you the truth i cant tell. i am sorry but they are both that great.

i just got done watching The War with Elijah in it. he is so cute!

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Yearbooks.. [14 May 2002|07:20pm]
we got our yearboks today. ahh my picture doesnt even look like me. i didnt get any one to sign it yet because barely any one had theirs and we got em at the end of the day so i didnt have much time.

i rented Pleasantville with Tobey in it AGAIN! i love that movie.

my sister is bothering me about being on her so im gonna get off and watch a movie

<3 *Erin*

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Star Wars!! [13 May 2002|08:33pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Ahh! I am so freaking happy i can just skip! Star Wars tickets went on sale today and my mom (being so great today on mother's day) went up to the next city and got them for me! i cant wait til thursday! (lol SNL- i am hypervinalating) i gotta go make supper


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Movies [12 May 2002|10:42pm]
[ mood | so d**n happy! ]

hey today i went up to Fayetteville. me my sister and her two friends went too. we saw spider-man again twice pretty awesome if ya ask me. there was a dance at the school only for 8th graders i didnt go. i dont think very many people went. anyways up in fayetteville we saw a movie, went to eat at mcdonalds alright!, we uh saw another movie then hung out in toys r us. i got a marvel comics poster and a episode II poster. anna (my sister) got a light saber!!! i am going to get a red one so we can battle at the star wars premire on thursday. haha she is always Luke and i am like Leia or a droid. any ways she is playing with the saber now so i wanna go play too laterrr

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Quiz [07 May 2002|06:45pm]
[ mood | happy ]

TEN Movies you couldn't live without:
* Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings.
* Spider-Man
* Moulin Rouge
* Star Wars
* Return of the Jedi
* Empire Strikes Back
* Scary Movie
* Fast and the Furious
* Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
* Black Hawk Down

NINE albums that are important to you:
* Lord of the Rings Soundtrack
* Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
* Spider-Man Soundtrack
* Scary Movie Soundtrack
* New Found Glory
* Ataris-End is Forever
* Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory
* My Mixed CD (very special)
* Labrynth Soundtrack (gotta have the David Bowie!)

EIGHT "bands/artists" you couldn't live without:
* Enya
* Linkin Park
* Ramones
* Silverchair
* Save Ferris
* David Bowie
* Ewan McGregor's wonderful voice..
* Dashboard Confessional

SEVEN things that annoy you:
* Hypocrites
* People who label people
* Smoking
* Alcohol
* racists
* Mike Plummer
* Prejudice People

SIX of your favorite songs at this moment:
* Enya - May It Be
* Howard Shore-Breaking of the Fellowship
* Ewan mcGregor-Your Song
* " " and Nicole Kidman-Elephant Love Medley
* New Found Glory-Boy Crazy
* Likin Park-Crawling

FIVE TV shows you watch regularly:
* Friends
* ET(entertainment tonight)
* Boy Meets World
* Space Ghost
* Midsomer Murders

FOUR of your all-time-favorite, desert-island books:
* Mark Bowden- Black Hawk Down
* J.R.R Tolkien-The Two Towers
* J.R.R. Tolkien - The Fellowship of the Rings
* J.R.R Tolkien-Return of the King

THREE albums you've bought recently:
* Spider-man Soundtrack
* DashBoard Confessional
* Resident Evil Soundtrack

TWO people that have influenced your life the most:
* God- Well of course heh but now that i am more active in my church and learning more about my religion its helped me a lot recently
* Hayley-Because of her, i think i have noticed what true friends are like and how close you can get to some one other then family

ONE thing you could spend the rest of your life with:
* the cast of Lord of the Rings

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